Redefining hands-on selection.
We often hear people talk about how great it would be to test a product before buying it. However, testing actual spray paint in a home improvement store could get a little messy! Instead, we designed an inline merchandising center for Home Depot stores featuring a state-of-the-art LCD kiosk where customers can select an item that fits their project, and virtually test out different paints using a custom ‘paint sprayer controller’. This merchandising center also features color coded sections from inspirational floor decals to prominent header graphics above the display.
Slide and find.
RustOleum’s substantial spray paint section in Lowe’s stores could be a frustrating place to find the right paint for many home projects. That’s why we designed this color coded inline merchandising display, complete with a convenient sliding info center and an interactive LED product finding system. The sliding LCD monitor allows for customers to get in depth information on just about any product in the aisle, while the LED light product finder directs customers to their desired paint. It’s spray paint selection, without the hassle.